Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Summer Sports Luxe

Okay so you may or may not know I am obsessed with bikinis, swimwear and swimming in general. When i saw this adidas two piece I KNEW IT HAD TO BE MINE. after months of ordering, it being out of stock and then being put on a waiting list it is now my new babyyyy. So i thought id do a little post on bright colourful sports luxe clothing that you don't necessarily need to work out in but just get the look. 
Here I paired my yellow adidas swimsuit with ASOS sunglasses. LOVE THE CAT EYE VIBE. 

sheer top from nasty gal
obsessed with this black sock, white shoe combo 
Or try Chiara Ferragni suede sneakers (blogger - the blonde salad)
Hope you're feeling inspired so you at least can look like you're on your way to getting a summer bod... even if all you do is ooze sporty vibes. 

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Monday, 30 March 2015

A Cafe in the Cotswolds

I have been meaning to start blogging about the cute cafes, restaurants and places I visit more often. Today is the day I start. If you've been following me on instagram you will know I do love to go to snap the odd photo of food. So imma start telling you all my good finds. 

I present you Lynwood & Co - serving healthy, homemade and gluten free food, glorious coffees and homemade bread!

Now I live in the cotswolds so not everything is right at your finger tips. Sometimes things are more of a drive away. BUT as of late, Lechlade (my village) has acquired a heavenly new cafe. A welcome addition to the church, florist, barbers, sweet shop and the famous 'christmas shop' in Lechlade. 

These are a couple of pictures from our walk around the village after! 

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Monday, 2 March 2015

I Smell Spring Time

It's most certainly Spring time in the Cotswolds & obviously a girl gotta match her clothing to the scenery. I found this beaut ensemble in Zara & its the perfect outfit for spring :) 

All these photos were taken in the grounds of The Barn Cotswolds which is a heavenly retreat in the cotswolds. Click the link to see more from their page! 

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lingerie Lust.

Having decided I lived a carefree, fun filled, uber relaxed life in Melbourne where one could not be restricted by a bra; I decided it was only right to bin any I owned.

Unfortunately I didn't think ahead to those chilly days when you're in a tight top or t shirt. I have begun to feel the world has seen enough of carefree Blaise and the hunt began for a new bra. Gooseberry intimates was probably the biggest inspiration for my search. Enjoy these saucy little pieces & I hope they bring you some inspiration:  

After endless searching; i finally found a bra & undiessss that fit like a glove and made my heart melt at their silky beauty. I snapped this (below) up from non other than Next ... the set together was £30 and i lovelovelove. theres no better feeling than walking around in a brand spanking new set of beautiful underwear:


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Squeeky Clean Skincare.

I have never done a proper 'Beauty' post before. Nor do I consider myself an expert in this realm. However I have come to realise I am very specific about my products (ooh lala) and follow a routine. This post has not been endorsed by dermalogica or REN. However, I feel it definitely should have been. 

Here are my favvvvvvourite products. I have extremely sensitive skin & suffered from excema as a bababay. I now avoid it, narrowly, by keeping moisturised and being picky about what goes on my skinnyskinskin. 

A. REN Gentle Cleansing Milk- Oh baby! I use this every morning to get that clean feeling & baby soft skin and every evening to remove makeup & any dirtiness of the day. It's feels like a cleansing oil & leaves you feeling moisturised. I have to say this is the most sensitive cleanser I've ever used.

B. REN Day Cream-Basically a nice creamy moisturiser for those with sensitive skin. I love this, but it's reasonably thick so not always my go to if I'm about to put makeup on straight away.

C. DERMALOGICA Clean Start Range Clear Skin Spritz for Breakouts- I'm not prone to spots but I use this every day so perhaps this be da reason!? whatever the reason, i like the refreshing feel & it gives my skin a squeaky clean feel post cleansing & pre moisturising. 

D. DERMALOGICA Clear Start Range SPF Moisturiser-Both these clear start range products are for teen skin. I just like the products & the fact they aren't too heavy. This moisturiser I use over the REN one for a more subtle thinner base. plus I love the fact its SPF :) 

E. REN Revitalising Night Cream- I loooove this for overnight moisturisation. SO creamy and heavenly. Also a night cream you don't need to dip you're finger into (oh so cleanly).

F. LANCOME Bi- Facil Eye Makeup Remover-I don't use this much as I tend to stick to my trusty cleanser. But this is perfffect for removing that pesky mascara that wants so badly to forever embed itself on your lashes. I would rate it higher if it was fragrance free & a touch more sensitive

G. BODY SHOP Hand Moisturiser-Thick. Glorious. Blends straight into your hand. what more must I say

H. REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask-I'm in the process of testing masks that I love & that don't leave my skin in pain. This so far is great. Smooths the skin & I love.

As a typical routine I will go A- C- B/D for the morning then A-C-E at night :) 


Friday, 5 September 2014

Back (pack) to School.

So I'm not exactly going back to school (thank goodness) but I'm about to go into my last year of university!! Spending the last year in Australia and coming home I decided (STUPIDLY) to leave behind my treasured white backpack. Such a big fat error. Now I'm left pining for said backpack or an exact replica of my charity shop leather find. So far naaaht happening. So here is a post for those who, like me, are looking for the perfect backpack/ rucksack. My criteria is; aesthetically pleasing, preferably leather, space for a laptop & not overly heavy as I am a weak shouldered fiend.

1. Grafea Leather Rucksack - Ultimately my favourite. But is £180 crazy for a rucksack.

2. Topshop Grainy Faux Leather
 3. A Cheeky Find on Etsy- £70 & only 1 available!

4. ASOS blue Satin Rucksack -£32

5. ASOS -Chloe Stanyon - £209 but oh so cute.

5. Chanel- Just incase you're feeling a bit Khloe Kardashian-esque.

Any more suggestions highly welcome :) 


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Infused Ice Cubes

The perfect addition to cool your drinks with styllleee & a hint of flavour. 
So I'd seen lots of cucumber infused water, then thought bam lets cucumber infuse my ice cubes :) 
So simple all you need is:
-(Also a fridge)

Chop ya bitz & Arrange in a suitable fashion for aesthetic reasons. Freeze & you're good to go!! 

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